Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho Ho. Today is Christmas day, how did yours go? As planned, we slept in, open our presents and went out for Dim Sum breakfasts at D'Junction Royal China. Then we went home and napped and woke up for dinner at Miso Japanese Restaurant at Karamunsing Capital. Nothing much I'm afraid, we're not the type who loves to partaaaay, more of a bunch of home bodies.

An update on last nights Lamb Leg
 It was yummy, rather dry on its own, but taste nice with the gravy that comes with the lamb. The cranberry juice and soda water was rather nice too, I'm sipping some right this moment.

Roast lamb with hints of rosemary herbs, smells absolutely lovely. We still have some leftovers in the fridge, maybe we'll heat it up for a snack.

Monica McCarty The Chief
Stayed in bed this morning reading this book, I got it from the Popular Book Sale last month. I rarely buy Scottish Highlander books, this is my first. Of course I have read some before borrowed from the local Sabah State Library while I'm still studying in college, I enjoyed Elizabeth Thornton's Highland Fire, Lord Iain Randall is my first Romance Hero crush *blushes*.

The Chief is base around a highland chief- Tor who bears a huge responsibility of his people's safety while enemies attacks, while he runs around protecting his people, his wife Christina felt somewhat neglected and she would do anything to bring her husband's attention around. Quite an interesting read.

 Look who came to join me in bed? Mimi and her son Tommy, Tommy is a major Mama's boy, he would follow his mom around the house, and he still wants to feed on Mama's milk although the two of them are almost the same size ( I suspect Mimi's teats no longer produce milk, but yet Tommy would still sniff around for some)

This years Christmas Present
 A wallet from Mum and a new phone from Daddy. My old wallet is battered and peeling, its a complete state of disgrace, now I have a new one and its glittery pink with the lovely gold heart. I always put off buying things that are necessity for myself, most of my money went to books. This phone will be replacing my old Sony Ericson W200i that my dad bought me when I first step into college, it was still functioning well and I don't exactly need a new phone, but who's complaining?

I bought mask sheets from Skin Food for my mum and a new polo shirt for my dad, I really don't know what else to get them as they never want anything particularly except last year where I bought a new wallet, watch and belt for my dad as his are old or broken, my moms gift last year was also something from Skin Food.

Pink Giossardi Wallet
 It's the last one on display, comes in black as well.

Fried Carrot Cake
 We went to Royal China for Breakfast, I've been craving fried carrot cake recently, too bad this is way too spicy for my taste, but it successfully stopped my cravings.

Dim Sum
 Not sure if I've take a picture of this previously, here's another one just in case. Not very nice taste wise, maybe its because of the strong parsley taste. Go right ahead if you like parsley. For the rest of the dim sum you can read HERE.

Later at night, we went to have dinner at Miso Japanese Restaurant Many repeated dishes, but we've also tried something new this time:
Forgotten its proper name
 I especially like the seaweed thing, they taste so sweet and refreshing. There are baby octopus and jelly fish too.

Spinach fried with butter sauce
Have to eat some greens to balance out a mostly seafood and meat meal. Taste like usual fried spinach but you could also taste a faint hint of butter.

Salt grilled Shake
 Suddenly crave salt grilled salmon, this is nicely done.

Teppanyaki Squid
 Not too springy, there are chewiness but not too chewy like you're chewing on bubble gum. Well seasoned.

Teppanyaki Beef Skewers
 Nicely flavored, soft chewy beef slices wrapped around a cube of spring onion. Grilled to perfection, yums.

Gindara Shioyaki
 Never could forget the salt grill cod fish, its a must order for us in any Japanese Restaurant.

Vegetable Tempura
 A mix of mushrooms, veggies and sweet potatoes deep fried in Tempura batter. Nice and crunchy. Dessert is honey dew cubes in coconut milk, a lovely light and sweet concoction to finish a meal.

We loved dining at Miso although the pricing is a tad more expensive elsewhere, but their service is quick and efficient and their ingredients very fresh, they have some of the rare stuff that wasn't found in other restaurants in KK. I cannot give them enough free advertisement in this blog and will continue to do so. Do apply for their membership, the discounts are absolutely worthwhile especially when you dine there during birthday and anniversary.

Well, this basically concludes our Christmas Day this year, after this I'm probably going back to read more books. Merry Christmas again to all my readers, God bless you all.


  1. Merry Christmas to you Lady G!

    The video made me shed my tears. ;') Happy for both of you!

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Blogspot

  2. Meitzeu: Merry Christmas and a Happy Boxing day to you too Meitzeu. Hope you get lots of pressies this year. :)

  3. Your Christmas sounds like such a lovely day. Happy belated Christmas to you too! God bless you :)
    There's no doubt you have a romance hero crush when there's the cover guy with his sixpack :D
    Your cats are so adorable <3

  4. Thanks Molly, it was quite a nice day for us. Nothing nicer than spending the day with people you love, and books with six-pack abs on the cover, lol. I shall convey your compliments to them :D