Sunday, 4 December 2011

Favorite Song Of The Moment

Jess Lee Jia Wei 李佳薇, is a Malaysian singer from Seremban. Her singing career kickstarts when she won the competition Superstar Avenue season 7 超級星光大道7 in Taiwan by impressing the judges and audience with her powerful vocals.This is my favorite song of hers- Suffering. Let's hope she'll continue to make all Malaysians proud. 


早知道 你只是飛鳥
擁抱後 手中只剩下 羽毛
那麼多咖啡和玫瑰 來打擾

我想要 安靜的思考
天平上 讓愛恨不再 動搖
我關燈還是關不掉 這風暴

心一跳 愛就開始煎熬
每一分 每一秒
火在燒 燒成灰有多好
叫思念 不要吵
我相信我已經快要 快要把你忘掉
跟寂寞 再和好

得不到 也不要乞討
怎麼做 不需要別人 轉告
我也只剩下我自己 能依靠

我相信我已經快要 是真的我快要
去面對 下一個 擁抱


  1. Lovely song! I haven't have guess it's a M'sian singer, dear!

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  2. haiz...why many Msian singer had to go overseas in order to further the career. Too bad Msia dont give enough to promote local artist

  3. Blackswan: I haven't thought it was a Malaysian Singer at first. Pretty impressive voice, huh. Thanks for inviting me, am I too late?

    Small Kucing: Yeah, that's too bad. Most of those Malaysian singers who made it big had to go to Taiwan for their career. But I'm glad to see that the local movie and music industry is slowly moving forward.

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  5. Admin: Thanks for stopping by, hope you might come back again :)