Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Kin Hwa Inanam

Went to Kin Hwa, Inanam for breakfast a few days ago, it is said that they have good roast ducks here, but we didn't try it this time. We ordered the wet fried noodles: Pork ribs and bitter gourd, and seafood wet fried noodles. I wanted to order Ban Mien, but its not available on Sundays. We also ordered a platter of Sao Nyuk (roasted pork) to share. I find the noodles so-so, maybe it's intended to be crispy but I think they are a bit raw, nothing special to rave about. The roasted pork is rather good, will try the roast duck next time, I we have the chance to come again.

Pork ribs and bitter gourd fried noodles

Seafood fried noodles

Roasted pork


  1. I like roasted pork more than Char Siew. :P


  2. aiyo...roast pork...me drooling already

  3. Remind me i have so long did not eat Siew York, yum yum! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  4. Meitzeu: Roast pork is nice but I actually prefer Char Siew, its only a matter of preference :)

    Small Kucing: No doubt you'll be on the hunt for some roast pork soon :)

    Sonia: Chinese New Year is almost here and I guess there is no better time to indulge in Siew York and other stuff like Lap Mei, Lap Ngap, Lap Cheong... lol