Thursday, 29 December 2011

Nature's Gate

Bought these new Shampoo and Conditioner while shopping for groceries last week Sometimes we would feel like treating ourselves with something different than what we usually use. These bottles look so pretty and they smell pretty lovely, a very light scent that is not to overpowering. I liked flowers, but I have a whole different level of fascination with herbs.

The shampoo contains Lemongrass, Clary sage and other stuff like Rosemary, while the Conditioner had Mandarin Orange and Patchouli. And it says Organic Herbal Blend, doesn't that sound much better than a whole lot of chemicals ( Although I won't kid myself that these does not contain chemicals)

I used to like buying Himalaya Dandruff Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil and Rosemary, which smell light and refreshing, but they don't make it with the same formula anymore, the new version of their shampoos are thick creamy stuff with overpowering scent, sorry I pass.

Herbal Essences also used to make pretty herbal blend shampoos, remember the clear bottles with herbs and flowers printed on the front? How lovely is that? Too bad they went to change the formula into the thick creamy type... why not come up with a new line of shampoo but still produce the same good old formula for people who actually like it the way it is?

I have only used the shampoo twice and the conditioner just once, so no comment on that at the moment, maybe after I used them a bit more first. Quite pricier than the normal drug store type shampoo at RM28.90, but not as pricy than some other shampoo which I also use sometimes. I do use any ordinary cheap family size shampoo for daily hair wash, but once in a while I would buy nice shampoo when I want to pamper myself :)
Nature's Gate

Lemongrass and Clary Sage Shampoo

Mandarin Orange and Patchouli Conditioner


  1. These looks so nice and must smell wonderful :) I like that they're without parabens. I hate it when shampoos and lotions contain them, I just don't trust it.
    I've started using pure coconut oil as a conditioner very recently and I love it. It makes my hair look much healthier and easier to work with. I started having some troubles with hair falling in October so I hope the coconut oil will help. :)

  2. Molly: Yeah, I was pretty convinced to try it as it said Paraben free. I heard about using coconut oil for hair care, but have never tried it before, there seemed to be a lot of raves about it as it is natural and contains no additives or preservation. Hope you'll see improvements on your hair fall with the use of coconut oil, good luck :)