Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New Wong Kwok Restaurant

New Wong Kwok Restaurant, located where New Emperor Restaurant used to be.Whoa, this restaurant is always full every Sunday since they opened, there is literally no more space to park and customers would be waiting in crowds outside. Never get a chance to go until one weekday, me and my dad both took a day off to handle some matters, we brought my mom and bro there to have breakfast, Sis is at college, too bad for her. You have better chance of getting a table on weekdays. As for weekends, either you go very early, or make a reservation before hand. Otherwise, good luck on waiting.

Deep fried prawns
 Deep fried prawn dumplings served with mayonnaise.

Siew Mai
 Your regular Siew Mai, dumpling with pork and prawns.
Chee Mai
 Dumpling topped with shredded scallop.
Another deep fried prawns
 Prawns wrapped in beencurd skin and deepfried. Served with mayo.
Dumpling topped with scallop

Meat balls

Pai guat (ribs)

Fu Chuk Guen 

Siew Loong Bao
 These may not look very nice, but they taste awesome. I was craving Siew Loong Bao like crazy almost everyday during that period. This is one of the place I managed to get my Siew Loong Bao fix.
 Pork filling with delicious broth inside. Careful not to burst it while picking it up, it would be such a waste of good broth. The way to eat it is pick it up with chopsticks, place it on a soup spoon, using the tip of your chopstick to poke a hole in the skin, drain the soup into the spoon, drink it and then finally eat the dumpling. Don't just pop it in your mouth, you might burn yourself, these little dumplings can be real hot.
I love this dipping sauce
 This is a type of vinegar which I am completely and irrecoverably in love with since for ever. It was usually served with dumplings, pot stickers and siew loong bao. Love, love, loved it. I bought a bottle from the supermarket, but still haven't got the chance to use it. We never made dumplings at home. I told my mom I could eat this with practically everything, she told me I'm nuts. Therefore the bottle of vinegar still sits on the shelf, waiting for the day he will serve his mistress.
Lao Sha Bao
 Lao Sha Bao, buns with special sauce made from salted egg yolks and custard inside. This is the bun made in heaven. Something I can never resist, no matter how full I get. Some places made theirs with more custard, New Wong Kwok made their with more salted egg yolks. Either way, the buns taste great. I don't need no Char Siew Bao, I don't need no Dao Shar Bao, I just want this.



  1. Wow! THe food looks so good! And I LOVE porridge!! :)
    btw, Thank u for being one loyal reader :)

  2. that last shot...what an o-mai-god moment indeed!

  3. Meitzeu: I do love porridge as well <3

    Rita: Oh yes, I'm drooling as I'm writing this post.

    Thanks for visiting my humble blog.