Sunday, 23 October 2011

Royal China

Royal China at D'Junction, Lintas. They have more new varieties of 'snacks' here, if you fancy something different. Parking and getting seats are much easier here compared to New Wong Kwok, but they would still get crowded during special days like public holiday or other significant dates.

A sign says beware of hot soup, I don't think its a dare.


Oooh, pretty.

Kuk Poh Tea
Our choice of tea would usually be either Kuk Poh, Poh Lei or Xiang Pian. It's best to drink hot tea whilst having Dim Sum to help cleanse the palette and the oiliness.
Fragrant Fried Carrot Cake
Deep fried prawns
Royal China has the best fried stuff. But for the best Har Gao Wong and Siew Mai Wong, you must go to Foo Ping.
Deep fried prawn dumplings

Braised peanuts
Cheese rolls, rather nice

If I'm not mistaken, this is fish bites

Siew Mai. No, that is not a fly, its a mushroom

Char Siew Bao

Lotus paste buns in shape of bunnies.
Almost too cute to eat, I may be biased, but bunny shaped buns tasted better than normal shape buns.
Foo Chuk rolls

Chicken feet

Porky buns
Surprisingly, they were not filled with char siew. The fillings are either red bean paste or Lotus paste, I can't recall.

Hmm, what's this?

Glutinous rice filled with dried shrimps and belacan


  1. Small Kucing: LOL, yes the oink oink buns are too cute to be eaten.

  2. Oh my~ Royal China is quite creative with their buns! I've been there once, but I didn't manage to try their cute bun!

    btw, from the way you've select your foods, I assumed you are a CHinese????

    :D Have a great week ahead! :)


  3. Dim sum!! My favourite foods of all time. How much the total damages? I guess must be very expensive compare Wong Kok

  4. Meitzeu: Royal China don't always carry the same types of dim sum, it depends on your luck, I've been there quite often but only seen the piggy and bunny buns once. The best of luck to you, the next time you go. I think occasionally they will try out new items, those that does not make the cut might never be seen again. Yes, indeed I'm Chinese. Have a good week to you, too.

    Diane: Thanks for visiting my humble blog. I bet most Chinese loved dim sums, I'm not an exception. I think the pricing is almost the same as Wong Kok, for all the above, I estimate its a little around RM150 for 5 person. It also depends on what dishes you ordered. Do give them a try.

  5. carrot cakes look delish! those bunny buns & piggy buns are so CUTE!!

  6. Mochaccinoland: This carrot cake is really good, hearty and full of wok-hei.

    If Royal China is reading this, they should definitely make more bunny and piggy