Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bread Pudding

After trying out the bread pudding from English Tea House, I have decided to make bread pudding from scratch. I'd tried making bread pudding a few years back, that is when I still have an oven. This time I'm going to steam it on the stove instead of baking it and boy am I glad it turn out awesome. I was minding my own business with my ingredients but my sister, the chef, came and took over in the midst of it, as if I'm not fit to hold a spatula (yeah, she actually studied culinary arts in a proper school, and I've never) Well, fine, I just pass it all to her and focused on photography, instead. Here you go, the end result, it was awesome!

The ingredients we used are white bread, cream, milk, eggs, sugar, butter, peach slices and raisins, there is no precise measurement as this is made from scratch, you will have to guesstimate yourself or Google a proper recipe from the net.

For our pan, we used around 5 to 6 slices of white bread cut into quarters, make sure to butter one side of it and line the pan, we spread some diced canned peaches on top of the first layer of bread, and added the rest of the bread on top of it. We scattered some raisins on top and prepare the custard mixture. We used a box of 180ml cream, and a small box of milk, add in the eggs and sugar and slowly heat it in a pot, be sure to use enough milk to cover the bread. When all done, use a huge wok, place your pan on a rack stand and add in enough water for steaming. Leave it to steam on medium heat and check on it once in a while.

The end result is yummy, creamy custard encasing soft white bread. We ought to use more generous amount of peaches next time.
Before it went into the sauna

Steam until set
We originally planned to use 3 layers of bread, but I'm glad we didn't since the mixture puffed up quite a bit after steaming. Depending on the width and depth of the pan you use, alternate the amount of ingredients put in.
Glad it turns out well

Cut into it

 *Was going to blog this last night but the pictures refuses to load. Might be because its raining heavily yesterday. Some parts in Foh Sang is completely blackout while we went out and the traffic lights were out, too, luckily our area was not affected.


  1. Wahhh~~~ I love fresh baked pudding bread! :D

  2. Oh my, this looks perfect! You're making me hungry. I think I'll make this in near future. :) We bake bread pudding with apples and quark cheese here and it's traditionally eaten still hot as a main course, not a dessert.

  3. wah lau yummy looking....didnt know home made also can be so nice

  4. Meitzeu: Me too! It's one of my favorite desserts. You should try making some yourself, its easy and yet satisfying.

    Molly: Thanks Molly, I've actually considered making bread pudding with apples or caramelized bananas. Having bread pudding as a main course is quite new to me, how interesting.

    Small Kucing: Thank you, you got to try it out sometimes.