Friday, 20 July 2012

First time@Fullhouse

I was beyond excited when my colleague told me about this new restaurant in town (this was when Fullhouse   was launched in Suria Sabah, I am way too late in uploading this post)

I devour it's online menu for days but couldn't convince my parents to go with me. So I made plans to meet up with le best friend there to try out the place next weekend, but on the same week I made plans, le parents decided to go there too. So there will be two post on Fullhouse, as I was there two weekends in a row. 
They certainly have a lot of tempting stuff on their menu, I'm intrigued.

The lighting is good enough, I only have to tweak my Exposure Compensation to 1.7 and I'm able to get nice bright pictures, no editing needed.

The atmosphere here are very dreamy and romantic. I think most girls will like it here.
Can cam-whore a lot.

Another table ordered flower tea, might try that next time. 
Cute menu design
 Get a glimpse inside the menu HERE

Not all items on the menu are available at the Suria Sabah branch, their dessert selection is limited to Petit Fours only. I wanted the Profiteros and Creme Brulee so bad, but they didn't have those.
Iced Korean Jujube Tea RM4.90
 Korean Jujube sounds interesting although I have no idea what it is. Wikipedia stated that Jujube are dates that was used as traditional medicine to alleviate stress and various other healing properties. Good to know.

Sea Coconut drink RM5.90
 Did you know that sea coconuts are not actually harvested out of the sea but grow on trees?
 I didn't.
I thought sea coconut are some sort of plants that grew underwater, hence the name Sea Coconuts.
Like Sea Cucumbers which I thought were plants but actually are marine animals.

This is rather nice and refreshing.

Rose Strawberry Magic ball blended RM8.9
The white balls literally burst in your mouth with fruity flavor. It's a bit too sweet for my liking.

Forest Mushroom Soup RM8.90
 This is really nice, I can tell it's not the type of mushroom soup out of a can. Lots of fragrant bits of mushroom inside and almond flakes.
Wasabi Fish and Wedges RM16.90
Fish and Chips served with Wasabi Mayo, a new spin to an ordinary recipe.
Smoked Salmon Sandwich RM17.90
 A bit pricey for sandwich, but the bread is nice and it taste great with the smoked salmon.

Alfredo Spaghetti RM17.90
 I wanted to try their Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel but they're out of that item, a bit of a disappointment. So pasta it is then. This is nice, creamy with abundance of slice mushrooms. But the best mushroom spaghetti is from Fish and Co, in my opinion.
Everyone else have more interesting dishes than mine.

Grilled Mix Seafood RM28.90
 There are mussels, squid, prawns, scallops and mushrooms in this dish, with orange sauce. Interesting flavor.

Oyster Mornay 3 for RM17.90
 Baked oysters with cheese sauce. Not the best I've tried though.

Oven Roasted Chicken Tenderloin RM19.90
 Juicy roasted chicken fillet with tomato basil sauce served with mashed potatoes and shitake mushrooms.

The Fullhouse Club Sandwich RM13.90
Sandwich with Chicken slices, turkey ham, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and egg mayo.

It's been a while since I wrote a long food post. I tried to restrain myself from posting too much pictures by choosing the best ones for each dish.



  1. I have yet to visit there. :)

    1. Its a great place to meet up with girlfriends. Can camwhore in nice environment too.