Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Today I went to have my braces put in, but my dentist only did the top part. She needs to see how it goes before putting in the lower part. 

The best thing about it:
It doesn't hurt one bit! 
(contrary to popular belief)
The entire process is quite relaxing, it's totally worth the expensive charges.
Now it doesn't really hurt either, just a bit tightening which is expected. 

Now what I need to do is take good care of my teeth and brace until the next visit 6 weeks later.
Also avoid sugary food, sweet and fizzy drinks, candies and hard mints, hard crusts, apples, fruit juices etc.
I must remember to rinse with water after every meal and brush twice daily accordingly to the instructions.
I should start getting use to some serious discipline. 

Here are the stuff I'm given (ahem, bought):
1. Gingival Spray for sores, bleeding, ulcers or inflammations
2. Interbrace Orthodontic Brush with refills
3. Mouthwash 
4. Superfloss for braces
5. Plaque Disclosing Toothpaste
6. Tooth Mousse for Calcium and Phosphate
7. Silicon
8. Toothpaste for Orthodontics care

I'm so happy


  1. You got so many things!! :D I only bought several types of brushes and wax and that was it :)

    1. Yeah, these are the things my dentist prescribed for me. Luckily for me I haven't got any use for the gingival spray yet, no ulcers for the moment. The Silicon wax thing does help keeping sharp edges of the brackets from scratching the insides of my cheeks :) Do you think I should get an electric tooth brush?