Friday, 20 July 2012

Let them eat cake

My course mate from University bake cakes for side income so I decided to show some support for her creations. I ordered Chocolate Moist and Red Velvet cup cakes.

I never had Red Velvet before, this is something new to me. Both cupcakes are moist, airy and not too sweet.
Me and my family polished off 2 dozens of cupcakes in 3 days.

She's planning to get started on an online business selling her cupcakes.
Once she got her site up and running, I might post her link up here.

If anyone is interested to purchase cakes from her (Kota Kinabalu only), just e-mail me at: or leave a comment below
I'll PM you her number.

Chocolate Moist
p/s: This is from a couple of months back, I'm not allowed to have so many sweet stuff at the moment.

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