Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hearty afternoon tea @Cons Food

At first we only decided to get a quick bite to eat, but it turned into a hearty gastronomic affair. There are just too many yummy things on their menu, how can we resist.
Cheese bake oysters
 Oysters, glorious oysters. This is a great picture even if I do say so myself, they are as good as they looked.
Blue mussel spaghetti
 At first I thought this would have a cream base sauce, but it's tomato base. I bought a packet of mussels and cooked cream sauce pasta with it for 3 days in a row. Awesome stuff, you can check out the pictures from my Instagram @bloggerladyg.
Teppanyaki beef
Tender with buttery fragrance, very nice. But Hana Japanese Restaurant at City Mall is still on the top of my list of best Teppanyaki Beef, however their service is near the bottom. 
Lasagna, don't let the presentation fool you, it's yummy! 
 This may not look very appetizing, but the lasagna is delish. Al dente pasta with stringy cheese and a lovely meat sauce, I will order again. My sister who studies culinary arts is not impressed with the food presentation. Fortunately the rest of the food photographed nicely. 
Mix grill, for the glutton
A mix grill always reminds me of a piece in one of my favorite book called Bread Tree Diary by a Hong Kong author Amy Cheung (張小嫻), the book is a collection of short write ups about the author's favorite things, food and memories. It is also one of the earliest influences that inspires me to start a blog, so I could write about my favorite things too.

Back to the mix grill, in the Bread Tree Diary, there is a recollection of the author's childhood memories about mix grills, she said she would order this dish whenever her parents took her out for western food, why a mix grill? It's because of gluttony. In a mix grill, there are sausages, chicken wings, steak... One could satisfy their cravings all at once.

(I wonder where I put that book, I suspect my mom packed it in boxes already.
Can't wait to move so I can see my books again)

The food there are quite satisfying, but if Western food is not your cup of tea, they have Malaysian favorites such as Soto Ayam/Daging as well. Or you could have a cup of tea with delicacies of your choice, there are a wide range of cakes and bread for the pickiest of eaters.



  1. I would love to try the oysters-I have never eaten them backed

  2. Ola, they're really yummy baked witg cheese :-)