Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Second day with braces

I survived the second day, basically I feel sore due to the tightening of my upper teeth, not much pain.
But nothing prepared me for what's coming last night:

Let's just say, flossing teeth in braces in a WTFBBQ painful experience.
There are more steps when brushing, but I enjoy the process, it feels quite therapeutics. 
Had a dream where I repeat the steps of brushing my teeth over and over in my sleep and panicking that I won't have enough time in the morning to do all the steps. Didn't sleep well. 

Second thing I still haven't got used to when wearing braces:

I tried to eat a Bak Choy stalk during lunch, and there goes another WTFBBQ painful event. 
No more biting for a while, I'll stick to soft food for the time being.
 It's kind of embarrassing leaving the vegetable stalks on my plate during lunch, people might think I'm a picky eater.

Fortunately my dentist decided to do the top part at first, at least it gave me some time to get used to it. 

Lady G


  1. so how long you need to wear your braces?

    1. Hi Simple Person, I was expected to wear them for two years but it could take longer or shorter time period depending on how fast my teeth are corrected :) I don't mind wearing them a little longer.