Sunday, 29 July 2012

I really love my mix rice

Chinese Zhap Fan
May sound like nothing special to you.
But for someone who works in a building where there are no Chinese food available,
having Chinese Zhap Fan once in a while could be a awesome treat. 

Eggs with Giu Choi

Potato Chicken
 More potato, no chicken please. My meat intake is at minimum.
Baby corns, my favorite.

Look a mess, but it's a yummy mess.
This is from a stall near my house
I only get to eat it once a week on Saturdays

I recently discovered a Chinese place near where I work,
its quite a long walk from my building but it's worth it
They sell Zhap Fan!
Got air con, free ice water and delicious dishes
can take whatever portion we like and the price is reasonable.

Now I can eat Zhap Fan more often
Happy :D


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