Monday, 24 October 2011

Su Ra Sang

Su Ra Sang, a Korean Restaurant operating in the same building as Royal China in D' Junction. They previously only served Korean food, of course, but they now serve Japanese food as well.
Wallpaper with Korean typography
The creation of an entire new language for the Korean nationalities by Sejong the Great. It is impressive, isn't it. This always brings me to the thoughts of the creation and evolution of languages for all man kind since the very start.

Ice cold green tea.

Kimchi pancake RM20
Kimchi pancake with melted cheese, delicious. The sour kimchi and melty cheese makes a very interesting combination.

Mushrooms and black fungi
Other than the usual kimchi for appetizers, we were served this mushroom and black fungi as well. Its rather nice.
Tofu, this is nice too

Appetizers: Kimchi, cabbages and cucumbers

Hae Mul Pa Jun Mix RM13
This is a deep fried seefood pancake with green onions, yum.
Butter Fish Sushi RM7
I love raw butter fish out of so many different types of raw fishes. I'm not fond of raw salmon, snappers or such for some reason. However, this is not the best butter fish sushi I've tasted, the fish is sliced too thinly I could barely taste it. You want to have the freshest Sashimi in town, go to Miso Japanese Restaurant.
Saewoo twigim RM18
Korean equivalent of ebi tempura, this is nice and crispy.

Ebi Tempura Don RM18
We ordered Ebi Tempura Udon, but they serve us Don instead. A sauce must be poured over the purple rice and tempura. This dish is so-so.
Some sort of pickles

Miso soup

Chicken Teriyaki Don RM13
Teriyaki Chicken nicely flavored and served over purple rice.

Beef Teryaki Don RM14
Teriyaki beef served over purple rice. I find it too sweet for my liking.
Jja Jang Myun RM15
Anyone who has seen Korean dramas before will no doubt be familiar with this dish.
Its the only stamp we got during the KK food fest. :(
Total bill for 5 person- RM173.80

Su Ra Sang Korean Restaurant
Mile 3, Lintas Road
Penampang, 88300, 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah


  1. I love Korean Food!!! I wish I could try that Kimchi pancake. I can feel the cheese melting in my mouth :D

  2. Gianella: Oh yes, the Kimchi pancake is pretty awesome. :) Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. ooo~ I heard nice recommendation from Su Rang Sang and I totally forgot about this place!!


  4. Meitzeu: LOL, If I'm not mistaken, I believe you blogged about this place before, as well. :)

  5. green tea why not green colour one? Those am not crazy about korean food but I think I'll like the fried stuffs.

  6. We love Korean food too, actually tomorrow I planning to fry kimchi rice , yummy.

  7. Wow. This post made me realize that other than Korean BBQ, I don't know a lot about Korean food!

  8. Small Kucing: It might have been the lighting, so it doesn't look very green here. The fried stuff are pretty good, very crispy tempura. There is one other Korean Restaurant that serves a wider range of stuff that locals might like, but they're always full :(

    Sonia: That's nice, looking forward to see a post on that.

    Aki: I find most Korean restaurants here in Malaysia usually served similar dishes. I've seen traveling blogs where there are many of their local Korean dishes that we've never heard or seen before here. A must try if I had the chance. Thanks for visiting.

  9. Lady G : Neh~ I've blogged about another Korean restaurant, I think two months ago, is the one located at City Mall. :) Never went to D' junction for the Korean + Japanese food before. :)

  10. Meitzeu: I've been to the one at City Mall just once. I couldn't recall much about the food though.