Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pizza night (prep)

In preparation for Pizza night, we got a lot of ingredients such as tomatoes, green peppers, pineapples, Cheese, pepperoni, bacon, tortilla, olives, button mushrooms and tomato paste. This was inspired from a post from Oh! I See Red. I thought it was a good idea when I first saw it in her blog, especially when all it requires is a frying pan, no oven needed. This is actually a backdated post from October, I'll be splitting it into two post as there are too many pictures. Although I already tried reducing some. Pictures of ingredients and our preparation process. My sister and I cleaned, chopped, sliced and fried up everything we need so we could have a smooth operation all the way, I assumed that we need to work fast for fear of burning the tortilla.
Tomatoes, green peppers

Cheese, bacon, peperoni
Australia Flour Tortilla, pricey but good

Interesting seeds inside

Fascinating but geli at the same time
Chop to bits

Western Family canned pineapples

Canned pineapples

Slice tomatoes
Colorful like the colors of traffic lights

Heat oil in frying pan

Fry bacon

Fry pepperoni

Dropped a Pepperoni, dog gobbled it up
I hoped this picture isn't offensive to you guys.
Button mushrooms

Pitted olives
Sliced olives

Tomato paste
Check out what we've done with all these in another post coming soon!


  1. Wow! seems like pretty easy! cant wait to see ur next post! :D

    Peace Out!
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  2. Pizza??? I love to eat those mixtures!! :D Button mushrooms, bell chilli.


  3. CleverMunkey: Thanks, you'll get to see the next post soon enough after this.

    Meitzeu: I love to eat the toppings too. So yums.

  4. Om nom nom, I love pizza! Never tried doing one using a pan, though. Sounds interesting, you're very creative :)
    Seeing the pepper seeds reminds me of days when I find a little pepper inside a big one. It always makes me so happy :D I once found a kiwi inside a kiwi which I'd never thought could happen. :))

  5. Molly: Wow, a pepper inside a pepper? That sounds so cool. I've never seen one before :)