Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Short Hiatus

I need to send this laptop back and reformat it. The stupid virus and problems won't be completely gone till we do, I have some new pictures in my camera but the last time I tried transferring it to my lappie, some of the pictures were messed up, irritates to no end. Oh well, it's good to start afresh with less junk in the trunk, in the mean time I'm going off in a short hiatus again. Fingers crossed that this laptop will return in tip top condition so that I could write better posts with less interruption. I will be back.

Let me introduce you to some of my favorite daily links and videos, you could visit them while I'm away: (Click on the title which will take you to their respective website)

1. Daily Squee Pictures of squee animals aplenty on this site. What is not to like?

2. Very Demotivational For some reason, I find myself reading this on daily basis.

3. The Daily What  Lots of random happenings and stuff, good for whenever you are out of ideas what to browse for. You'll never know what you'll find, there are quite a lot of interesting things in there.

4. Cracked.com  Another humor blog in which you could learn about lots of random facts like the 6 animals with better memory than yours.

5. Geekologie It's a geek blog for those who likes gadgets, Star wars, dino sex (oh well, whatever floats their boat) and all manner of nerdy stuff.

1. Mark Lives in Ikea This isn't anything new, but I enjoy watching it still. Check out what Mark Malkoff is up to when he gets invited to live in Ikea for a week. I do envy him, it's something I fantasize a lot as a kid, getting locked up in a department stall, museum or library like the two kids in the book: From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L Konigsburg. It's one of my favorite book, how fun it is to roam the dark depths of a museum when nobody is around to stop you from doing anything? It somehow reminds me of a movie I once watched by Natalie Portman- Where the Heart Is.

2. Epic Meal Time Super cool, yeah I admit I do like that kind of stuff, even though the sort of food they make is absolutely artery clogging but it's really nice to watch. A fast food+ junk food fest, for Christ sake! Epic! I think what they're doing are what many people fantasized about, but never acted on it. The best I could think of is a Pizza with fries and chicken McNuggets. It's not for everyone, be warned.

3. The Ellen Show Channel on Youtube I absolutely love her, she's super funny and you'll never feel bored watching the snippets of her show. I didn't subscribe to Astro so this is the only place I could see her show. I like her interviews with people and celebrities, there is always a humorous take to it, a good place to pass time at.

Oh well, here you go, that should keep you occupied till I get back. Enjoy and have fun.


  1. oh no...hope your laptop come back soon from the "hospital".

  2. Hope your labtop recover fast fast. :)

  3. Thanks Small Kucing and Meitzeu.