Monday, 14 November 2011

The English Tea House

I wanted to go for a long time since I saw This Post by Sketches of Life, I'm super tempted by the food available there. Was hoping to go there in the afternoon where natural light are abundance, but we only have time at night, it's pretty dim in there and I dislike using flash as it gives a very unnatural and overexposed pictures. Bear with me about the dim pictures. Wished I could sneak a photo of the waitress who were all dressed in nice uniforms, I didn't think it was respectful to take people's picture without permission, so I didn't.
Afternoon tea set on display

Lovely lights

Ice Lemon Tea RM7

Beef Lasagna RM18.50
 Lasagna was nice, with beef fillings between the slices of pasta, lovely.

Beef Stew RM32.50
 Recommended dish, tasty stew with abundance of carrots, potatoes and cubes of beef!

Chicken and Mushroom Pie RM17.50
 I love this! Don't judge a pie by its pie crust, I tell you. The crust isn't flaky, which is fine with me as I dislike flaky pastry anyway. Filled with creamy chicken and mushrooms fillings inside, absolutely yums! Paired with zucchini, carrots and mashed potatoes in gravy. I didn't think this is enough for a meal initially, but I was wrong, this dish is actually very filling.
Cantonese Fried Noodles RM8.50
 Wet fried noodles with seafood in thick gravy, rather nice.
Bread Pudding RM9.50
Bread pudding with custard cream, after tasting this, it prompt us to make our own bread pudding, more on that in another post. This is unlike the bread pudding we've tasted but it was quite nice especially with the smooth custard cream.

The total bill came up to RM132.80 for 4 person. Wished I could return again in the afternoon so I can try out the afternoon tea sets. It didn't feel quite right having tea time items for dinner. Scones and crumpets is on top of my list of must try's.


  1. Omgh..the food looks so delicious . And price so reasonable too. Cant say cheap else the restaurant might think of naik harga kakaka

  2. Awwhh~~~ You are so sweet G! Thank you for featuring me in your post!!

    Yeah!! Dinner that you've attempted made me hungry in the middle of the night! About the scones, I heard the quality drop lately. :( Hope it will taste good on your visit! Change the sandwiched to fruit tarts if you don't like cucumber!! :P

    Ok la~ stop writing for now la.


  3. Small Kucing: Hahaha, yeah, the price is quite reasonable here, the food are yums. Let's hope they won't naik harga, shhh....

    Meitzeu: You're welcomed Meitzeu, it's my pleasure really. I hope the scones will taste nice the next time I visited. :)