Saturday, 12 November 2011

Hong Kong Recipe

Went to have breakfast at Hong Kong Recipe, 1 Borneo. It's was a public holiday so I'm enjoying myself by having good food at the start of my day, and my day starts at 10 a.m by the way.  The waiter who took our order was really impressive, they must have had the whole menu drilled into their brains and was able to recall the exact name of the dishes even when we ordered by the numberings. I peered at his notepad, it doesn't have anything printed on it, it must be sheer memory.

I have been re-watching Stephen Chow's 'God of Cookery' from 1996, after so long his movies are still enjoyable. King of comedies is definitely a fitting name for him. Why is this relevant, you might ask? Well, in one scene where Stephen Chow was at his lowest, Karen Mok brought him a steaming bowl of Char Siew rice with a sunny side up, and towards the end while Stephen Chow was competing in a Cookery competition, he remade the dish due to shortage of time (that fat guy sabotaged him) The Char Siew rice not only wins the heart of the judge but also had me drooling the whole time. This is what brought me to Hong Kong Recipe. Although Hong Kong Recipe have their version of Char Siew rice, but I chose to go with the Sweet and sour pork rice with egg.

Iced green tea RM1.00 each

Cheese baked rice with Pork Chop RM14.80
 We ordered a Cheese baked rice with Taiwan sausage at the same price, egg fried rice topped with a breaded pork chop and lots of chewy, stringy cheese. Yums. I prefer the Cheese baked rice with seafood myself.
Crispy roasted duck (small) Rm12.00
 A bit too salty eaten on its own, if you have some rice to go with it, that would be perfect.
Deep Fried Fresh Prawn Wantan RM7.80
 Used to be better, a little tasteless this time, same goes with the prawn dumpling below:
Deep Fried fresh prawn dumpling RM7.80

Grilled Chicken wing with egg rice RM9.80

Crispy chicken wings.

Sweet and sour pork rice with egg RM10.80

Succulent slices of pork

Oooh, sunny side up, firm yolk but still slightly runny.
 A mouthful of egg yolk must be one of the most blissful things in the world.... swoons.
That's a lot of rice, even for a rice bucket like me.
A rice bucket is what used to describe someone who needs a lot of rice, it could also mean simpleton. I hoped I'm not the latter.

All the above, including 2 iced milo for RM4.20 each, one Coffee in Hong Kong Style RM3.80 and A Taiwan Mix BBQ noodle RM9.80 made up to RM112.00 including government and service tax. They have a branch in Warisan Square if you couldn't make it that far.

Hong Kong Recipe
G823, Ground Floor,
1 Borneo, Jalan Sulaiman,
88450, KK, Sabah
Tel: 088-488 833
Fax: 088-448393


  1. I visited it before and it was soooo long ago!

    I prefer their drinks though. Quite HK style


  2. I love roast duck. :) THere is one very good roast duck stall at Petaling Street

  3. Meitzeu: Yeah, they did have a lot of interesting drinks. There are some I quite liked.

    Small Kucing: I personally wasn't too fond of duck. I have an aunt who cooked really awesome roast duck Yee Mee, I still haven't learn any tricks from her.

  4. Food again?? Gosh, u're making me drool! The chix wings look so tempting!

  5. Blackswan: I'm afraid this blog would be mostly about food. The chicken wings are quite nice and crispy, yums.