Sunday, 13 November 2011

Natural Kitchen

Natural Kitchen at Suria Sabah is a Japanese Shabu-shabu restaurant based on natural ingredients and no MSG. I have went there twice before, personally I enjoy steamboat, but my family doesn't really enjoy it. After many cajoling, I finally persuade them to go with me. Another reason for going is that those various colorful ingredients photographs nicely, hehehe.

Firstly, you got to choose your soup base, there are more than 10 types of different soup base for you to choose from, the concept is where each person gets their own pot, so we get to chose different types of soup base. We went for Thailand Tom Yam soup RM3.00, Japanese Miso Soup RM3.00, Chinese Herbal Soup RM3.00 and also Curry Soup Rm6.00. The ingredients you may order in sets or separately depending on how much you could eat. After the meal, we were still feeling a little hungry but didn't want to order anymore.

Sauces and condiments, you may take your own pick

I think Tom Yam Soup base is nicest
Not too spicy but nice and sour, I liked.
Australian Cube Roll Beef RM12 per platter

Prawns RM10

Squid RM6.00

You Mak Vegetables RM4.00

Fresh corn RM4.00

Mixed mushrooms RM15

Seafood Tofu RM6

Wanton Dumplings RM6

Oil fish (butter fish) RM10

Squid sausage RM10

Homemade Lucky Pockets RM10 for 3

It looks like this inside

Crab egg ball RM6

Japanese Bake Cheese Ball RM8

7 star red grouper slice RM10 for 5-6 slices

Urchin ball RM10
The entire bill for 5 person comes up to 202.40, which includes Chinese green tea RM1.50 each, Cold sour plum drink RM3.00, a Lo Han Ko RM4.00 and a Fresh water melon juice RM6.00. Some items are ordered twice with the addition of 2 pieces of dried noodles in the end.

For more information, you may visit their website:


  1. I had it once before! :) It was fine for me, however I dislike the noodles! :P

  2. i love steamboat!!! those beef & mushrooms look delish! :)

  3. I love shabu shabu & the price is so reasonable :) Yum!

  4. Meitzeu: We wanted to try the Yee Mian, but they're out. :( So we gotten the ordinary ones instead, it was so-so.

    Mochacinoland: Beef and mushrooms are the best! And fish slices.

    Blackswan: I love it too, it's super fun to try all the different ingredients.

  5. hmmm...why the mangkuk they put terbalik like that geh

  6. Small kucing: I think they put it upside down just so the dust won't get into the bowls when no customers arrived yet. :)