Thursday, 3 November 2011

Technical problems

Something is not right. My laptop keeps crashing very frequently, and then my browsers (Mozilla and Google Chrome) would crash on me on regular basis as well. I'm really not sure what is wrong with it. Is the problem associated with my Laptop? Or is it the browsers problem? Or maybe it might even be Streamyx problem? Ugh, this is super irritating, having a crash in the middle of something. Does anyone experience this before? This has been going on for almost a week or so and it doesn't seem to want to go away.

p/s: I might not be able to do a long post if I do any at all during this period until this thing gets fixed. I'll be asking around to see what might be the problem. I hope I don't have to do replace my lappie or anything. I'm such a technology noob,  there's nothing I can do.


  1. Small Kucing: I think some software/hardware is corrupted. This might go to the shops for a check up soon.

  2. Hope u fast fast back on track in blogging foodies~~


  3. Maybe it's your operating system of a virus? I hope it's fixed soon! Good luck!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. Try to reinstall your browsers first. I am afraid it probably won't work if you have 2 different browsers and still have problems with both. So I would try to backup your data to external hard drive (if you have one) and then reinstall the system. It might fix the problem and you won't have to pay for repair. This could take some time (a few hours), though, especially if you have loads of things in your laptop. But it might be worth it. :)
    If you decide to take it directly to the shop, back up the most important files :-) so you don't lose them.
    I had some problems with my old HP laptop, it wouldn't turn on and the system wouldn't launch. It's not the same problem, but reinstalling the system fixed it.

  5. Meitzeu: Thanks, I hoped so too.

    Chic n' Cheap Living: It's possible. I'm gonna go ask some technician friends to see what's the matter, maybe get an upgrade at the same time.

    Molly: Thanks, I did try to reinstall the browsers, no luck there. Tried clearing the cache like a friend suggested, but to no avail as well. I got a blue screen with a message: PFT_List_Corrupt, I already googled it, lots of technology mumbo-jumbo and I'm clueless on how to proceed. I'm planning to bring this thing over to the shops anyway, I'm sure they'll know how to fix it.

  6. I think it might be a virus. Molly's suggestion of taking off and getting back the browsers is a good idea. If that doesn't work try reformatting.

  7. Aki!: Thanks, I just have someone look at it and it has something to do with the hardware, he managed to find a virus too but it's only a minor one. Thanks for all the helpful advice.