Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Going to blog about Yoshimi Japanese Restaurant at Warisan Square today, I've been there once zillion of years before but didn't think too much about them at that time. However this time's visit manages to impress us, I have a feeling we'll be returning here again in the future. Every restaurant deserves a second chance, this is certainly true. You may recognize a distinguished pattern whenever we visit Japanese restaurant, we can't help but order the same things no matter where we go, but it's a good thing as we can compare around and I noticed that some food are cooked the same way, some are not. I prefer to order individual dishes to go with rice and miso soup rather than order a set, that way we could try out a greater variety of dishes.

I love the floating paper lanterns

My favorite: Butter fish Sashimi RM30

Thick slices of Sashimi
 Melt in your mouth goodness, yums.
California Temaki RM 13.50 for 3

Shake Temaki RM13.50

Raw Oysters RM20 for 3
 Maybe my expectations were too high, it wasn't as good as I thought they would be.

Gyu Niku RM24
 Yummy grilled beef cubes with hints of buttery flavor, well marinated, nice textures, I am hungry now! Rawr!
Grilled Kaki RM22
 Plump, sweet, juicy oysters grilled to perfection with hints of garlic.

Dopin Mushi RM12
 Soup in a tea pot, this is a must order whenever I dined in Japanese Restaurants. This is a sweet, clear broth with lots of ingredients inside such as mushrooms, fish slices, prawns, chicken and more. I don't remember if a quails egg is part of the combination at Yoshimi, but it has always been my favorite. Quails eggs, tiny and perfect, with melty yolk center.... did I just moaned aloud?
Sometimes I find it quite tedious to refill the tiny cup for a mouthful of soup, I wish I could pour it from the spout straight in my mouth, that would be very bad manners, I'm sure. Dream on.
Gindara Shyaki RM30
 Salt grilled cod fish, absolutely yums. The salt is not overpowering, I'm not too fond of sweet sauce drenching my fish, salt grilled is just perfect. Add a squeeze of lemon and it's good to eat.

Zaru Soba RM14
 Cold green tea noodles to be dipped in a sauce and eaten with toasted sesame seeds and a raw quails egg.

Miso soup  RM3

Just ordinary miso soup

Shake Bento RM22

Breaded fish

Tempura vegetables
 The entire bill comes up to RM250.25 for 5 diners, drinks are hot/cold Ocha RM1 per person, it's refillable, and 3 gohan (rice) for RM2.50 each.

Yoshimi Japanese Restaurant
Lot No. C-01-06, Block C,
1st Floor, Warisan Square,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088-488 388


  1. I love Japanese fooooooooddddd!!!!

    I went to Yoshimi long time ago. Once is when they started operating and the second was during Valentine's day. :)


  2. Meitzeu: I love Japanese food tooooooooooooooo!!!

    LOLs, yeah, the first time I went is when they first opened, but I was disappointed then. Luckily I rediscovered them.

  3. I also love Japanese foods too and I ever plan to hunt all the Japanese eateries around KK but unfortunately I haven't visit this one yet cause I saw lots of negative comments.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing and hopefully I could try their foods someday :D

  4. U kidding me?? The price is unbelievably cheap! U can't never get this kind of price here in S'pore with all these food.

    Like u, Dobin mushi is a must order for me too!

  5. Lol my go to dish whenever I visit a japanese restaurant is always, ALWAYS Zaru Soba...
    Man, I gotta seriously mix things up now xD
    Great post!

  6. Diane: You're welcomed, at first I wasn't too keen about them either, but this time they didn't disappoint us with their dishes, it is certainly worth a try. Hope you will find it to your liking as did I.

    Blackswan: I've never been to Singapore and therefore couldn't make any comparison about the price or food, currency exchange rates is also a factor. Dobin Mushi, ftw.

    Punk Chopsticks: Hahaha, Zaru Soba is also a must order with us, too. Thanks.