Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Food Court #2

I love going to The Food Court in Wisma Merdeka for breakfast. Today we tried something different than usual, although some are the same food as last post: The Food Court #1
Economy Rice Stall
This stall rarely open on Sundays, at least we didn't manage to see them open during the past few times we've been here. It might be that we're a bit earlier this round. My parents suddenly craved Economy noodles, this is what they got, fried noodles with their signature stuffed tofu. The noodles remind me of the kind we used to have at school and the tofu...the tofu is awesome! The surface is nicely browned and smells absolutely lovely, while the insides are nice a soft, the minced meat stuffing taste really good and flavorful. Even though the inside of the tofu has no flavor but when eaten with the stuffing, its a match made in heaven. A little exaggerated, my apologies, but the tofu is really yummy.

Roast meat noodles

Roast duck noodles

Crispy skin, yum. 
The noodles were good as usual, but nothing is better than their Wonton or dumpling soup! Their soup is not the usual watered down soup served elsewhere, they have either Winter melon soup base or bitter gourd soup base, the bitter gourd soup is sweet without the usual bitter taste I hated. Their dumplings have generous minced meat and nice chunks of prawns in it, you really have to try it for yourself.

Pizza n' Burger
Le parents prefer Chinese style breakfast while Le children preferred Western style breakfast. Without fail, me and my siblings will make a bee line to this stall that we've been going to since forever, even before they moved here. We wanted beef steak but they're out of stock, so we settled for Chicken chop and fish steak, we've never tried this before so we're quite excited. My brother wanted his usual Chicken Lasagna, the rest of us liked the beef more. The chicken chop and fish steak looks similar as they are covered with the thick, creamy mushroom sauce, yum yum. At first we thought the fish steak is the usual dory fish fillet, but surprisingly they used mackerel, it was nicely grilled and smells lovely. The Chicken could be better if it weren't overdone, it was a little too dry but chewy, depends on how you look at it. The stall was owned and run by a husband and wife team, but the wife was out today and so the husband was juggling everything in a One Man Show. We might give the chicken another chance, but the fish and beef will definitely become a repeat order, so is the beef lasagna.
Fish steak with Mushroom Sauce

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce
* I had the first question of my first assignment done, 3 more to go. I hope I can send it out within this week. If I do 1 question per day, that will take me until Saturday. (You may ignore this)


  1. look at that fried noodle! i am dying!!! yummmmy!

  2. LOL I can't believe I used to hate tofu. I love it now!

    Great post! I really loved how you added some words but not too much (I seem to have a problem with shutting up, myself) and the pictures are truly mouth watering x)

  3. Hey, looks like u're having a feast! That tofu looks very interesting with the minced meat. Would love to try that! Saw your blogroll; seems u're also following quite a few of S'pore bloggers :)

  4. looks yummy!

  5. hehe, finally some food I can comment on :-)) I am not familiar with most of the food in your posts (very different cuisine here in the Czech Republic) and that's why I only look and don't write any comments. But this time, oh, I love chicken with mushroom sauce and the duck looks super yummy too.
    I like the composition of the last picture, btw.
    Good luck with your assignments, I hope it won't take you long to finish it :-)

  6. Rita: Absolutely Yummy.

    Black Swan: We always eat a lot for a bunch of skinny people. The tofu is really good, I feel like I could taste it right now. I do enjoy reading some Singaporean blogs, you guys seemed to have a lot of fun over there, so much happenings.

    MosaMuse: Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Molly: Thank you so much for reading anyway. It's good to know someone is reading my posts even though you didn't comment.
    I wonder what are the usual food you guys have in Czech Republic? Is there any unique food from your country that can't be found here?
    The mushroom sauce is super yummy, wait till you see the steak. The duck is nicely done with crispy skin.
    Thanks for the nice comments, I hope I could get all that assignments done soon :)

  8. Yup, there is. I think the most unique is our bread which looks like this . This bread is typical for our country and also middle Europe and it's hard to find one in America, and if you do, it's much more expensive than a regular bread (which we don't see as bread :D ). Also "knedliky" (bread dumplings) are typical for our country and can't be found elsewhere. We eat them as a side dish. In my country we eat dumplings, mashed and boiled potatoes, pasta and rice a lot together with meat or fish and different sauces. The biggest difference in your and mine cuisine is probably that we lack sea food here. It's quite expensive so it's not often on our tables. People are not used to eating sea food. Some people don't even dare to touch it :D But some people love it and for example things like sushi are becoming more and more popular.
    Thank you for your nice comments too! :-)

  9. Hi Molly: Thanks for such an enlightening explanation of your culture. I like learning new things from people. It's too bad seafood is so expensive there, its typical to have seafood at our country (Malaysia), we can get very good and cheap seafood especially in our state (Sabah) We are a multi-race country, therefore we have many choices of cuisine here but our main food are usually rice with clear broth, vegetables, meat are often used as garnishes and yup, sometimes we would have seafood.

  10. I have to admit that I love a western breakfast over an asian one, anyday. I like asian ones, don't get me wrong... but western is where it's at!

    I just used pre-packaged roast beef.

  11. Aki!: Yes, I do love Asian breakfast sometimes, Western breakfast is a nice treat once in a while.