Monday, 12 September 2011

The Food Court

Yesterday we had breakfast at The Food Court in Wisma Merdeka. I believe not many people knew about this place since its in a tucked away corner. It's on the same floor of the other food court. In my opinion, there are a whole lot better options in here compared to over there. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

This picture was taken a few months back
Current items available.

You must try this stall

Kon Lou Mee with Char Siew

Good enough

Really good dumplings
The soup is some kind of herbal winter melon soup, it taste really good. The wontons are big and juicy, you will regret not trying this out.

This is the dumplings, with huge prawns inside.
Nope, that ain't a fly you see in there. It's some herb thing.

Large, juicy wontons with generous stuffing
This stall below is the Western Food stall I have been going to since kindergarten age. This friendly Filipino couple have been operating in the old Wisma Food Court for even longer than my 21 years of existence. My mother and aunt used to have a shop near by, and whenever I'm there, Western food is always my choice and I always ordered their beef lasagna. Till this day, there is not another lasagna that could please me more than theirs will, maybe I'm being bias, but this is the taste I'm used to, it was imprinted in my mind that lasagna should taste like this. That does not mean I shunned all other lasagna, though.
Pizza and Burger

Their Pizza menu

Hawaiian Pizza

Tomatoes, ham and pineapples
The crust is really crunchy, like a cracker.

Beef Lasagna

What I always do to the buns, to be eaten after all the lasagna were polished off

Sizzling Steak
Their steak may not be made of the best grade beef, but the way they cook it sure beats many big name restaurants out there. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. This is one of the best steaks I've tasted, I loved the great mushroom sauce.
YUMS! Words could not describe how absolutely awesome this is.

Pretty good
If you're going to Wisma anyway, do seek them out, your efforts would be well worth it in the end. I really do want to keep them in business.

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