Monday, 31 October 2011


Was busy with assignments these few days, I hope to get them done earlier before the due date. In case you're wondering, I work a full time job from Monday- Saturday and was also doing my degree in Business Administration part time. I only need to attend lecture sessions twice per semester and the rest of the time I work on my assignments and prep for examinations. Currently I'm in my 6th semester, another 3 to go. If everything goes smoothly, I would finish my degree by end of 2012, fingers crossed. So far everything is working out fine for me; I'm not the sort who likes to sit in class a whole day, it's really boring and depressing. Therefore, this self-studying method suits me very well and I can easily tailor my time accordingly.

Don't worry, the increased work load will not affect my updates. I had my job, studies and blogging all well in hand. Do come back occasionally to check out the new posts, heh.

I also hoped to tackle some personal projects that I have put off because I'm too busy previously. Ahem *cough-lazy-cough* Maybe-lah, maybe.
Random shots


  1. Impressive to be juggling so many things at a time. Nice blog u've got here :) Love the shots!

    Thks so much for leaving your comments @ Shirley's Luxury Haven. I'm following u now & would love to have u follow me too! Seems u like to cook too. Looking fwd to sharing!

  2. ooo~~ Now I know you are a business admin student!



  3. good that you have the determination for self study. Me always slacking off :p

  4. Black Swan: Thanks, your blog is pretty nice too, thanks for following my posts, I have already followed yours.

    Meitzeu: The mystery unravels a little, now. lol.

    Small Kucing: Thanks, I will work hard. Self study is much better than sitting in class, I very much prefer this way.