Thursday, 13 October 2011

Grandpa's garden

I much prefer shooting with natural light, the shots turn out better than artificial lights definitely. These are the scenes in my Grandpa's garden, while my grandma was still alive, the garden was much more vibrant. She would spend her afternoons tending her garden, raking up dried leaves or pulling weeds. She would also rear chickens or ducks at the back yard. I missed her.

There used to be mango trees and a swing, but those are gone now. I remember my grand mother would put the unripe mangoes in the rice urn to ripen them. Or eat the green mangoes with kicap. I spend a lot of time in this garden during my childhood, playing with neighbor kids and my cousins, especially during festive seasons like Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn festival. We would carry lanterns and go around the paths, pretending its a maze, drawing up an imaginary treasure map and pretend we're hunting for treasures. Or plucking those bougainvilleas petals and sprinkle it in a rusty Milo can of water, "to make poison for -insert enemy's name-" I wonder if my cousins still remembers? 

There used to be many different colors, hot pink, pale pink, white, some mixed

Mushrooms, I'm not finding out if they're edible.


  1. the little purple flowers are sooo cute!!!

  2. I like to see flower and plants photos. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks, I'm glad you guys enjoyed them.

  4. I like you sharing your childhood memories. They are so nice to read. I have similar ones. I used to cook soups using plants and twigs with one of my cousins. He then fell in love with me when we were 4 or so and draw me some pictures. I still have them somewhere. My brother, who is two year older than us, wanted to arrange us a wedding but I refused. :-)

    The white flower with the purple touch is nice. I also like you pictures with the pink flowers.

  5. Molly: Thank you. I love taking picture of flowers, the white and purple is my favorite.

    Ah, I do remember playing weddings with my neighbors, too. They wanted to set me up with another boy but I didn't want to. LOL. Those were some fond memories, nevertheless. My Grandma would get annoyed at us for plucking her flowers sometimes.