Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Success Delicatessen, Sunny Garden

I've been going here for a long long time now, its my favorite place to get Kon Lo Mee with fish slices. I love this sort of flat noodles and I love fish slices even more. Another place you can get similar fare is at Kuo Man  which is only a few doors down from Success. There is no fish slices on the day we went, no pot stickers either, what a bummer. I've settled for Kon Lo Mee with fish balls and Sang Nyuk instead, their stuffed tofu is rather nice, too. My mom tried their laksa, which comes in a rich broth thickened with coconut milk, it was lovely but I'll stick to my Kon Lo Mee. 

There was an array of cakes and kueh on display as well, some of them are rather good. However, don't get the herbal eggs, I've tried them twice and both times, the eggs were bland with no herbal taste, whatsoever. Trust me on this, everything is good, except the herbal eggs. They have superb coconut pudding here, do try it.

I must introduce their pot stickers and fish slices the next time I come, perhaps do a little review on their delicacies, too. 

Stuffed tofu

Love the nice, bright colors.

Bouncy, chewy fish balls

Sang Nyuk
My favorite noodles


  1. laksa!!! meepok!!!! how i love thee *drool*

  2. die...i have yet to have muy lunch...starving now

  3. Even I would get hungry reading my own post sometimes..