Sunday, 9 October 2011


It's very rare occasion for me to dine at Hana, City Mall. There is a high probability that we may not be able to get a parking nor seats in this Japanese Restaurant. Most of the food are good, but their service is rather bad. Sometimes we would sit there forever waiting for somebody to come and take our orders, or requesting some hot tea which never arrives even though we approached a few different waitresses. Customer service is something they still need improvement on. I would still go back for the food, provided I have enough patience for the long wait and the indifferent/inefficient attitude from the workers there. Definitely will not go during peak days such as Salary day, public holiday and special holidays etc etc.

Enough of the rants, now lets hear the raves: Hana certainly have the best ever beef teppanyaki. The cubes beef are flavorful and grilled to perfection. Every bite is heavenly. No pictures of it since we polished it off before I could take a shot, it was 'that' good. If you don' try it, it's your loss. The beef rolls were also good, their chef have a way with beef dishes. The tenpura nama udon is a bit of a disappointment, maybe its the long wait, I no longer have the appetite for it once it arrives. The tenpura was soft and falling apart when it was served, however the udon was still nice and chewy while the soup is lovely. We ordered this oyster topped with some mango sauce (If I remember correctly), the oysters are fresh, it was quite nice altogether, although its an acquired taste. The rest of the food are decent as well.


Wondered what is this blue fish?

Cawan mushi is delish. 

Beef rolls


Tenpura Nama udon 


  1. am not into japanese food coz i dont like seaweed. But the fried stuffs looks great

  2. Small Kucing: There were many dishes without seaweed in it, I'm sure you could find something to your liking :)

    Yeah, the fried stuff were great.