Monday, 17 October 2011

Rose Milk Popsicles

I've decided to experiment with popsicle making. We used to make some during our childhood, usually with Milo poured into little tubes of plastic bags, what fond memories. I've bought a popsicle mold from Daiso- RM5, which could make 6 popsicles at a time. 

My kitten Nommy will be my partner today: I'm using 2 boxes of full cream milk, a couple of dried rose petals, and some sugar to taste. Its really simple actually, just heat milk in a saucepan, after it came to a boil, stir in sugar until melted and turn off the fire. Toss in a few dried rose buds, put the lid on and let them sit in the milk until the mixture is cooled down enough to pour into the molds. Do not pour boiling milk straight into the molds, those are made of plastics, it would either melt or cause the plastic to release some chemicals into the milk. We definitely do not want that. I placed the popsicles into the fridge for a whole day, milk takes more time to set. 

My popsicles have gotten some mixed reviews. Some say they're not sweet enough, I had added 2 tablespoons of sugar and I thought that was too sweet. Can't really taste the roses in it, perhaps I could try adding some rose essence in it next time. 

When adding sugar, be sure to add a bit more because the sweetness will lessen once they are chilled. If you're health conscious, you could try using honey instead, but its best to wait till the milk is cooled down before adding it. Popsicle making is all about experimenting, don't be afraid to try something new. I'll definitely try out other combinations next time. Frozen fruit juices can be made into simple fruit pops too, if you don't want too much fuss.

Have fun trying. 

5-6 rose buds

Molds from Daiso

Boil the milk
Stir in some sugar

Toss in your rose buds

When cooled down, pour into molds.
Place into the fridge till the next day.


  1. the color turns out quite good. WOnder how it taste like

  2. Small Kucing: It tasted slightly like sweetened burnt milk, but in a good way. A little rose essence should make it nicer.

  3. I am not a big fan of rose flavor in food but I must say your popsicles look very cute. And how did you get such nice color? Only from the rose buds? That's amazing :-) I wish I could try to make these with another flavor but sadly I don't have molds.
    The last picture of your kitty is great!

  4. Molly: The rosebuds didn't actually gives any color at all, sadly. The color is just from the milk itself. I think the molds could be purchased very inexpensively, or you could try some of these DIY ideas:

    Wouldn't it be so fun to make all sort of different flavors.