Saturday, 29 October 2011

It's Caturday #2

Busy day, I'm just gonna bomb ya'll with my cat pictures, all seven of them:
Giving Mr Muu ears a massage.
He loves getting his ears massage. We didn't find him, he found us, he jumped into my mom's car when she's about to go out, he jumped back in again even after my mom brought him out. We were reluctant to take him in that time because we kept hamsters and a dog, but I'm glad we did. Mr Muu didn't show much interests in our hamsters and luckily he got along rather well with our dog, Chubby. I remember our first cat Soh Chai Meow also came to us the same way Mr Muu did, he jumped into my Dad's car and my dad did not realize it till he's came home with him, that was more than 10 years ago. I sometimes wondered if Mr Muu was Soh Chai Meow reincarnated? That wasn't a nice thought, being reincarnated as a cat over and over again. Well, at least they had a good life with us.
Mr Muu's afternoon nap

I envy him

Mr Muu and Mimi's daughter, she likes to 'communicate' with us by meowing non-stop and she's really tiny compared to her brothers, only 2.4kg while the rest are 3.9-4.0kg. Her other nickname is Sardine.

Elle Elle
The aunt, we her a few weeks after picking Mimi off the streets, she was very small then and her mother was nowhere to be seen. If we didn't take her in, we're afraid she might get hit by a car or get eaten by stray dogs. She was a bag of bones at first but her enormous appetite soon turn her into a pear shaped ball of fuzz with short legs. She and Chubby hit it off real good the first time they met, I think Chubby took her for her own daughter. Elle Elle acts like a dog in someways, out of all our cats, only Elle Elle growls when defending her food, just like Chubby. She even call out to us with a bark like meow, funny.
Mimi, she gained weight rapidly after spayed
Still adorable. 
We were looking for a wife for Mr Muu when we found her sitting under an umbrella of a fruit stall, her fur stuck with banana juice and whatnot. We took her home and got her cleaned up, she was skinny at first but soon fill out with regular feed.
Brothers- Timmy and Jimmy
Jimmy loves me, he would always wait till I go up to my bed on the upper deck before joining me, always. Timmy loves everyone, he is the only cat who have more than one ways to jump up my bed, the rest only knew one way up, its either climbing the steps (Mimi, Elle Elle, Nommy), through the back (Jimmy), leap up from the table below (Mr Muu, Tommy), Timmy knew every way possible and then some.

Tommy keeps to himself more often, and he was not as Manja to humans like the rest. He could be very playful when he chooses to be. 


  1. So cute~ and pretty bulu he got eh~~~

    Can put those pic as wall paper liao~


  2. my cat likes me to garu behind the ear and under the cheek

  3. Small kucing: My cats likes it too :)