Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Po Chi Lam

When you heard the name Po Chi Lam, you'll no doubt think about Martial art sifu Wong Fei Hung. This Po Chi Lam post is not about the medicine shop-clinic that Wong Fei Hung established and operates in Guang Dong, once upon a time. We're talking about a new restaurant in Inanam new township.

No one could miss them, their banners and advertisement is everywhere even before their grand opening. Driving  along the road, their banner catches your eye, flipping through the newspapers, their ads pop up at you. Brainwashed by this extensive advertising, we decided to go and see what's the big deal about it. I should say, we were not at all disappointed that we did.

The time these pictures are taken is in the midst of the hungry ghost festival. A table topped with assorted dishes were set out, for the 'friends' the boss explained. Since they were just started operating, it does make sense to ensure that those 'friends' would not disturb their business. It was quite crowded when we got there, but since we're not that hungry, we are able to wait.

I took the chance to photograph around the establishment, we were escorted to a seat not long after. There were many dishes suitable for yum cha like dim sums and also dishes suitable for lunch or dinner like noodles and such. We ordered quite a number of things. There were some items not available, of course we were just a teeny bit disappointed, but there's always next time.

Soup that comes with noodle and rice dishes. 
 This soup is really nice and light with natural sweetness.
Roast duck rice*
 *If I'm not mistaken, it might even be chicken? This is rather good.
Roast duck/chicken noodle

Porridge with pork guts.
 The description from the menu does not tempt me at all, but this porridge is surprisingly delicious. The rice was cooked until very soft, its truly a comfort food. The Yao Zha Guai on top is a nice touch.

Sesame balls with lotus paste inside.
 Fragrant black and white sesame with semi-sweet lotus paste. I prefer this over those with red bean paste within. Writing this makes me drool.

Lao Shar Bao.
 Custard buns with salted egg yolks. My favorite
My skinny arm holding up a split open bun.
 You might think, why does this girl eat so much but never grows fat. My arm might look skinny but my butt might rival Beyonce  is rather voluptuous, I would say, but not enough to rival Beyonce, of course. Guys loves a full butt, don't they?
Har Gao
 Prawn dumplings, its my favorite ever since a child. I would always have Har Gao everytime my parents brought me out for dim sum. Let you in a secret: I love the crystal dumpling skin more than the prawns inside. What I do is separate the skin with the prawns, pop the skin in my mouth, savor it, and then eat the prawns last. I do love prawns, its just that I love the skin more.
Siew Mai


My fish congee
 I was hoping that it would come with Yao Zha Guai on top like the pork guts congee. Wonder why there weren't any. Have they forgotten it? *pouts*
Char Siew noodles
I'm still trying to improve my blogging skills, I have been studying quite a lot of different bloggers, their writing style and photography technique.

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