Sunday, 2 October 2011

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant 3

Please read my first and second post about them here: Miyabi Japanese Restaurant 1, Miyabi Japanese Restaurant 2
Set F
I order this very often. There were other sets like Chicken, mixed seafood etc etc. Take your pick.
Breaded fish fillet


California Rolls


Rice balls with salmon flakes

Array of sushi.

ginger beef, don't judge it by the looks, it taste really good.
The beef slices were hidden beneath the ginger sauce, it may not look appetizing here, but I assure you it was absolutely awesome with rice.
Salmon head
My dad is very fond of this. Me? Not so much, I think it looks freaky. The meat from the fish head are usually more smoother. I simply don't have the patience to extract the flesh, I liked salmon fillet, no work needed before I can put it in my mouth.

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