Friday, 14 October 2011

Make me a Sammich.

To me, a sandwich is a small snack, its not enough to be considered a meal. Occasionally I would make myself a butter and jam sandwich or butter sprinkled with a little sugar for an afternoon snack. But if I were to eat one for dinner, it has got to be something with a lot more substance. Behold the battered chicken salad sandwich: 

Lightly battered chicken strips, deep fried and spread upon a bed of lettuce leaves between two slices of bread. Instead of mayonnaise, we used Lady's Choice coleslaw sauce, which gives a lighter taste.  You could substitute the chicken with battered fish fillet, it would taste just as good. Two sandwiches makes a nice meal by itself, a mug of cream soup would go very well with it as well. 


  1. Small Kucing: Perfect on days when you feel like having a light meal. Do try it.

  2. This was surely tasty. I love these kinds of sandwiches. Especially with chicken. I often make them for one-day trips because they are yummy even when not warm.
    Last time I made mixture of fried ham, spices, zucchini and onion cubes, spread it over breads with salami and tomato slices and sprinkled it with lot of blue cheese. I baked it in the oven for 15 minutes. The men in my family liked it very much :)

  3. Molly: Thanks for the nice comments. Your recipe sounds lovely, too. I'll definitely try that out one of these days.