Saturday, 1 October 2011

5 Star Chicken Rice

5 Star Chicken Rice shop, they used to operate in Wisma Merdeka Food court, but moved away after the big renovation. This is also one of my favorite food since childhood. They have already opened several branch all over Kota Kinabalu, and was doing quite well, this is the branch at City Mall, there is another one at Gaya Street and Suria Sabah food court. 

The rice is fragrant, sometimes with a chunk of ginger hidden inside. I love to drizzle the soy sauce from the chicken all over the rice and mix it up. No need for me to mention how good their chicken rice are, the number of customers crowding up their establishment is a good enough proof. The wonton soup is absolutely delish, generously stuffed wontons with pork and prawn fillings, the soup itself is light and sweet. You got to try it for yourself. 
Wonton soup

Steamed chicken

Steamed Chicken and Sau Nyuk

Roast duck

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