Friday, 7 October 2011

Feelin' the lovin' at Dome

Alright, enough of the Siew Loong Bao posts, I wouldn't like to bore away the very few visitors I might have. Today I shall blog about western food. After shopping around 1 Borneo, we decided to stop by at Dome. I liked the decor, warm wooden floors, comfortable seating and some interesting elements thrown in. Like the colorful pottery shards protruding from above the counter, a map hanging from the ceiling, comfy leather sofas... The food are always good although the price is slightly above average. Do try the cakes too, they have some really nice ones. Dome is the perfect place if you need a warm and quiet atmosphere for a spot of afternoon tea and desserts.

Cranberry lemonade RM11.50
 I'm feeling adventurous, so I ordered cranberry lemonade, its a tangy sweet combination of cranberry juice, lime juice (I almost merge the two words into Crime juice) and Sprite for a refreshing kick.
Coca cola
 The other unadventurous bunch ordered coca-cola at RM7 a pop.

Pasta Bolognese

 Al dente Linguine in a nice tomato based sauce.
Nasi Lemak

Minute steak sandwich

Fish and Chips

 Battered fish taste nicer than breaded, in my opinion.
Salad with onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicums 

Grilled chicken breast with turmeric sauce 
This is mine... Noticed anything about this chicken breast? Its heart shaped! They really loved me <3
Comes with buttered rice and vegetables
 Normally I would opt for pasta or fish and chips, but I'm feeling adventurous enough to go outside my comfort zone. This is not bad at all.

Last shot of the chicken breast, I couldn't resist. (Narcissistic) 


  1. used to dine a lot at dome when i was living in SG. esp. love their focaccia sandwiches :)

  2. Am not the adventurous type. would stick to coke LOL

    Btw, you in KL? If yes, I saw Peony In Love by Lisa See in the Big Bad WOlf Sale. RM8. You can try go and see. Otherwise you can check with BookXcess. At the store price will be higher i think. I cried when reading this book

  3. Mochaccinoland: I'm not sure if Focaccia sandwiches are part of the menu here, but will check that out. I do love focaccia bread.

    Small Kuching: Oh no, I'm in Sabah. Usually I would get my books from but I don't think I could get it for RM8, such a bargain. Who knows I might stumble upon a 2nd hand copy somewhere, it sounds like a good book.

  4. yum, looks soo good!

    visit me!

  5. my my my those foods are something i need to try in future. i wonder what are the price for those food over there.

    Suggestion :D Maybe in future you can keep the receipt and do price, adrress and phone contact for more detail information for others. ;) might be handy in future :D

    the pictures of the foods, maybe you might want to try flash on it if the location of the restaurant is with dime light.

    Awesome post! ;) now you got me wanting to go for Dome. ;)

  6. Hayden: I did keep the receipt, I just can't find it anywhere, lol. I vaguely remember the pricing of the food, mostly ranged from RM26-28.

    Thanks for the good suggestion, I would try to do a more detailed post after this.

    As for the flash, I'm still struggling to control it without causing the pictures to get overexposed. The lights are way too harsh. Is there any tips you could pass on to me? In the meantime, I would practice more.

    Thanks for the constructive advice :)

  7. Your welcome! your post are nice and i enjoy reading it :D You're using a digicam right? ;) Try taking a small piece of tissue and just it as a diffuser. That will soften the light and it takes a few experimental shot to know how many layers of tissue you need to get the desirable light on the food you need. :)

    Have fun trying it!

  8. Hayden: Thanks for the advice, it has not occur to me to use a piece of tissue to soften the flash. I could only think of finding some sort of torch light, but I doubt it would work very well. I would try the tissue trick later and see how it goes.

    I'm currently using Sony NEX-3 for my pictures, I had it for a little more than 6 months and I haven't yet mastered all the tricks yet.

    Thank you so much for reading my blog, I'm glad someone enjoyed them.