Saturday, 1 October 2011

Lai Heng Baru, Foh Sang

Lai Heng, next to Toto 4D shop, the same row as KFC in Foh Sang. I grew up eating Lai Heng's Ngiu Chap noodles. I just want beef balls without the other stuff, this habit never change till this day. It's been almost 22 years now, we still couldn't get bored of it. Clear soup lightly seasoned, with yellow noodles and chewy beef balls, simple but satisfying. My parents would order Ngiu Chap meehoon, mix of cow stomach, briskets, beef and stuff with vermicelli. The staffs now knew our orders by heart, there is no longer any need to place our orders whenever we breakfast there. 

The herbal ox-tail soup is only available on Sundays, twice monthly. My dad would tell us every time, 'drink it up, it's full of calcium'. We would have drain it anyway, cause its really good. Sometimes we would add a separate bowl of Sang Nyuk Kosong. 
Beef Balls with noodle soup

Herbal Ox-tail soup

Sang Nyuk Kosong

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