Saturday, 8 October 2011

Yu Hing, Hilltop

Yu Hing at Hilltop is the best place for Seafood hotpot and seafood fried noodles. Their noodles are not the dried sort, instead the chewy noodles were drenched in a starchy gravy and topped with abundance of seafood- squid, prawns, fish slices and also vegetables. Sometimes I prefer to have rice, seafood hot pot is the obvious choice, served in a claypot and filled to the brim with all my favorites things such as seafood, baby corns, Chinese cabbage, carrots, sweet peas, mushrooms and pieces of bean curd, all these combined to make a great gravy. I polished off two plate of rice in lightning speed, I'm sure any onlookers would be impressed. Other dishes we would usually order is a plate of fried vegetables with slices of pork, and also fried egg omelet with Char Siew (Chinese roast meat) The watercress soup is light and cooling for the body, with hints of the natural sweetness of the watercress and if I'm not mistaken, red dates.
Seafood noodles

Seafood hot pot
 Shots taken at night:
Fried vegetables

Watercress soup

Egg Omelet