Monday, 31 October 2011

Soto at Sin Fatt Hing

You could get soto from Sin Fatt Hing as well as the usual Tuaran Mee, this is rather good. The taste is nice and appetizing but not too overpowering with pepper. Be sure to add lots of lime for the extra oomph. Do you know you can request for fish or chicken on top of your Tuaran Mee other than Char Siew and egg rolls? I just found out that day while having breakfast there. I like fish, maybe I would try mine with fish next time.


  1. The soto here looks very different from the ones in S'pore. Interesting!

  2. never eaten this noodles before, sound yummy!

  3. Black Swan: Oh yes, there were many different types of soto, this is just one type. I'm not sure which ones are more commonly found in Singapore, though.

    Sonia: This is a dish originating from Indonesia and was adapted by locals. Some of them are served with noodles, but I think this one only has strips of julienned cucumbers and been sprouts.