Friday, 28 October 2011

Tea eggs

Something is not quite right with the line here, or maybe its my computer. I'll just do a short update before this thing crashes again. I have no idea what is wrong, I hope its nothing serious.

Made tea eggs last week using a herbal spices in a package, we're using MasFood but you can use any other brands. Following the instructions on the packet, we have prepared 15 eggs and 150 ml light soy sauce. We need to wash and boil the eggs until done, take them off the stove and cool them and gently make cracks on the egg surface, this is to ensure that the eggs can absorb the herbs well. Next, prepare a fresh pot and measure out 150ml soy sauce, pour it all in the pot, add the spice bags, eggs and enough water to cover everything and simmer under medium heat for 3 hours. The nice fragrance of the herbal eggs can be smelled throughout the house whilst its cooking.

The verdict? The eggs do absorb the herbal spices well, but I find them a little too salty. Maybe we could try reducing the soy sauce next time, or add more water. Have you tried any other herbal eggs spice packs? Or do you have any homemade recipes for herbal eggs? I'm very fond of tea eggs, do share with me :)

Makes 10-15 eggs
 Wash and boil them beforehand.
Add soy sauce, spice packs and water

Let simmer gently for 3 hours

Remove the spice packs and fish out the eggs, leave it in the herbal liquid if you like, not that it matters. You're not suppose to drink the herbal liquid, your hair might fall off from all that soy sauce, that's something my grandma would say.


  1. not fond of tea eggs but hubi is.

  2. Small Kucing: LOL, I do have friends who won't touch a tea egg with a ten foot pole.