Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Le Safran

It's my first time trying French food, I have no knowledge about French food at all, so my expectations weren't that high. I haven't worked up the courage to try escargots, perhaps I ought to. Once I stepped into Le Safran, I felt slightly under-dressed in a tee shirt with a dress over it, I learned my lesson, next time I will make the efforts to dress up. Nobody actually discriminate me for dressing like so, but I still can't help to feel a lil' intimidated. Hehe. The interior is minimalist with some modern touches here and there. The setting is quite comfortable, it could be a good place for couples to date.

Le Safran is an establishment that offers simple and healthy french food at affordable price with a unique concept (borrowed from their facebook page Here.) I believe they are the first French restaurant in KK I can't remember what is what, and blast it, I lost the receipt.

Love the chairs

Coke addicts at it again

I believe this is called bouillabaisse
A seafood soup, I don't really like this, but my Dad and Mom did.

Not the expected goose liver pate, this is either chicken liver or duck liver as a paste. It has a strong scent of ikan masin (salted fish), to be frank.
Who doesn't know ratatouille, this dish was made famous by Pixar's animated film of the same name. It does not look like how it does in the movie. I find the carrots and other vegetables a bit tough and the flavor is just so-so, nothing too impressive.
Chocolate Fondant, if I remember correctly.
Its a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice-cream, heavenly. We asked them to serve us the desserts whenever its done, so here it is between main courses.
Beef steak
Flavorful and tender beef steak sitting on a pillow of mashed potatoes which goes with a lovely sauce.
Fish fillet
Don't ask me what fish, I could not recall. The fish nicely done and on top of it sat a cloud of mashed potatoes.

Salmon pasta
This pasta is very good. Flavorful and creamy, yums.
This might be duck breast
I really must go back again and do a better post next time. Sorry for this half-arsed post.

An early greeting of Happy Deepavali to all Indian friends for tomorrow.


  1. For two visit I've been there. Food was so so, however I like the creme brulee.


  2. half hearted post also makes the food looked so drooling ah...if full tank then habis la me...sure kebuluran liao

  3. Meitzeu: Some of the food are just so-so to me, too. But I liked their salmon pasta, which is pretty good. They seemed to have a good range of desserts but I haven't got the chance to sample them yet. I saw something like a cherry flambeau in their menu, sounds interested.

    Small Kucing: I'm still working on my blogging and photography skills, hope that I could do some better posts next time. :)