Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Kantin Friendly

Kantin Friendly opposite Kim Lian Hardware, Kolombong, this restaurant operates in an industrial area and was surrounded by many factories. They would usually get crowded by factory workers nearby in the morning or lunch time, but it can get pretty quiet at night. Their shop lot is wide and spacious with high ceilings which makes the place nice and cool. 

Other than us, there were only one other tables occupied the day we went. My mother craves their Salted Chicken whilst I feel like having their Steamed fish, Teo Chew style. The salted chicken is simple and nice. We've only ordered two dishes for 5 person, you will understand why, that is because the fish was HUGE. A whole fish was used, steamed together with salted vegetables, which is the usual additions in Teo Chew style, tomatoes, ginger, and do I detect a hint of rice wine as well? The fish was good and flaky, it goes well with the slightly sour, fragrant and appetizing sauce. More rice wine please, if it were up to me. 

If there were not many customers, the restaurant workers would shut down after the last customer left, if there were more customers, they would operate until 10pm. Be sure to go early if you planned to dine there. 

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  1. Food looks good. I would certainly go for the fish and the salted vege.

  2. Small Kucing: I do love the fish!