Sunday, 25 September 2011

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant

Miyabi Japanese Restaurant at Damai. Our family has been going there for almost 8 years, I remember the first time going there as a tomboyish teenager of 14 with spiked hair, and now a 21 year old early adult, how time flies. We never get bored with the place, good food, affordable price, quiet atmosphere, what more can we ask for? We went there so often, it feels as familiar as our own home. I'll split this into a few post, there were too many pictures from here.

Hot green tea for us

Course 3
 Course 3, assorted sushi. salad, sashimi, potato salad and deep fried breaded oysters.
Chirashi Sushi
 Vinegared rice topped with tamago, sashimi and fish roe. Instant boost for your appetite.

Tempura Nama Udon

Delicious soy soup base

Cod fish set

Braised beef with radish
 Very flavorful.
Course 7
 Course 7, with tempura nama udon, boxing chicken and sushi.

Half-boiled egg

Dobin Mushi
 My favorite dobin mushi with lots of ingredients inside, succulent fish, crab meat stick, quails egg, chicken etc etc in a soy sauce soup base.

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