Friday, 9 September 2011

Kedai Restoran Kuo Man

Chinese Teh Ping

I love this sort of noodles.

Fish slices.

Fish Balls

Sang Nyuk (beef slices)

Ngiu Lam (beef, uh, beef something lah)

Saw a kitty that looks like ours, except for the short tail, ours had long tail.
 I'm very fond of this type of noodles with fish slices. We usually go to the other restaurant in the same row called Success Delicatessen, but we decided to give this a try since we heard many good reviews about it. They operate in Sunny Garden, by the way. We some some interesting items on the menu but haven't got the chance to order them, abalone, anyone?

They have a spot at Suria Sabah food court, too. But I do not like going there, the whole food court had a complicated system where you have to wait for your number to get your food (the number does not go chronologically, in case you're wondering what is so complicated about it) For instance your number is 8, and the number they're calling out is 7, you'll be thinking that, 'oh, next one would be my turn', Not. Necessarily. So. The number can skip to 10, 47 or 38. Have fun waiting at the edge of your seat while you're there.

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