Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Bah Kut Teh

It's difficult to find good Bah Kut Teh in KK nowadays, the last few ones that I find okay had moved away or changed recipe. I prefer the one at Bundusan Plaza, no idea if they're still operating? We had tried out some new places and so far this two are okay for my taste. I love the traditional Bah Kut Teh with just herbal soup and pork inside, sometimes with clams- Bao Bei from a can, when we went to Sandakan, I really couldn't get used to the Bah Kut Teh there, its rather different from our usual ones, those have some vegetables in it, and they're very peppery... Some places in KL had Bah Kut Teh for breakfast, wouldn't it be great it we practice that in Sabah as well?

Tapau-ed from here after work that day.
At Damai

Must have Yao Zha Guai
Me and Dad went here a few months back
This one is behind Open University

Rice. I love this picture, looks very artistic to me. Heh

Unfortunately I didn't know the proper names of this two places, only their Chinese name. First one is Man Lei Heong/ Wan Li Xiang at Damai. The 2nd place is Yik Heong/ Yi Xiang (I hope I'm right, my Chinese is getting a bit rusty around the edges, it would be embarrassing if I'm mistaken)


  1. Wow! I think I've seen this shop before!

    Would love to try it out one day!
    Thanks for directing me here! :)

  2. Meitzeu: No problem :) I'm always on the look out for good Bah Kut Teh, gonna try more shops.