Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Julie and Julia

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I've watched Julie and Julia last night starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. I never watched Amy Adams before, at first I thought she might be Renee Zellweger from the way she speaks, the accent are similar but I don't recall Renee being a redhead. After awhile I thought "Oh well, that might not be her, I guess." Since their looks could not be more different.

As for Meryl Streep, I don't know, at first I'm a little disappointed with her exaggerated French accent. I much prefer her cool, don't mess-with-me demeanor as Miranda Priestly in the Devil Wears Prada with Anne Hathaway. But I went on youtube to watch some of Julia Child cooking shows, well, I really couldn't blame it on Meryl, she was just acting the part, and doing a damn good job of it too. Her accent, voice and gestures are exactly the same as the real Julia Child. Hands down, I'm impressed. Not to mention that she was nominated and won Best Actress for that role in several award ceremonies.

I find Julie Powell's The Julie/Julia project to cook the entire 524 recipes within one year inspiring. Since I just started blogging recently, it reminds me to not leave this blog after 3 second of passion. Blogging is something I always wanted to do, so I'm not going to half-arsed this (At least, I hope I won't) I ought to set a deadline like what Julia did, except this blog will be continuous, perhaps I will set a goal instead: I shall write a minimum of 2 post per week, how's that?

A little disappointed with the ending though, I had thought I would see Julie finally getting to meet her idol, Julia Child, two women of different times and generation united for their love of food and cooking. But turns out Julia Child was unimpressed with Julie's project. What a bummer.

After watching the movie, I have an intense craving for Julia's infamous Beef Bourguignon. I may someday attempt to make it, or maybe someone would be nice enough to cook for me, that would be great.

Some really nice dresses are spotted in the movie, such as the glamorous evening dresses Julia Child and Simca were wearing when they first met. The dresses that Julia and her sister wore, one bronze and one dark blue the day that Julia planned to introduced her sister to a new man. And also the white lace dress that Julie Powell wore during the celebratory dinner after her blog project was finished.

It was an enjoyable movie altogether, witty and humorous, Julie and Julia's husbands are both supportive and funny. Like when Julia asked Paul to translate the French cook book, he mentioned something about stuffing the chicken till she couldn't take it anymore. Double entendre, much? Or Eric's quote about deadlines "I especially love the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by" And don't forget Julie's Lobster Killer and poached egg attempt moment.

Go see it if you haven't, I hoped you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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