Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Lee Sheng, Hilltop

This is a nice place to get good, affordable western food. Although they are not a high class restaurant, but the food they served are nearly as good as one, especially their tenderloin. This and the one from this post here, are the two places that cooked up a mean steak. There is another restaurant called Angus in Karamunsing Capital, but sadly, they closed down already.
 The beef ribs is something like a stew with carrots and potatoes in it. It was served either with Hash Browns or rice. It's pretty good.

Chicken Burger
 Typical burgers made with ready-made patties. Passable, but nothing special about it.
 The grilled fish is my favorite.

Tenderloin steak with Mushroom Sauce

I'm positively salivating while writing this post.

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