Thursday, 8 September 2011

Everybody is playing The Sims Social

(Was resizing and uploading photographs to Picasa, while waiting for them to load, I might as well write something)

The Sims Social, currently, the newest and not to mention, hottest interactive game in Facebook. Developed by Playfish and EA Games, who brought us Pet Society, Who Has the Biggest Brain, Restaurant City, Hotel City etc etc. Now The Sims has arrived on Facebook as well, how awesome is that?

The Sims Social
Bella's house
Like any other version of the 'Sims' game, this is no different, the up-side is that you can play with your friends on Facebook. First, you develop your character, since I'm such a generous person, I'll leave some pointers for you here, if you haven't start playing yet: First time selections are totally free.
  • Your name can be changed later in the game, so no worries.
  • Your gender can be changed, but you need to pay in gold coins (which you have to pay with real life money) So be sure to make the right choices so you won't regret later.
  • Your facial features, clothes, hair color and hairstyles can be changed later, but you will pay with Simoleans to get new clothes, hairstyle, a new nose, perhaps. So pick the ones you really like so you don't waste good Simoleans to change them later. 
  • Pick one set of clothing for each occasions: Casual, Swimwear, Sleepwear, Formal and Sport. (I didn't realize this then, so I have to dole out some hard earned Simoleans for new clothes)
  • Oh yes, you can pick your personality as well, such as Introvert, Tycoon, Geek, Athlete... (you need to pay gold coins if you want to change it later, don't say I didn't warn ya)
Check out the price of hair color alone, better make the right choice from the start.

Secondly, you'll be given a basic house, which you can decorate, build, rearrange however you like, the more additions you make, it will increase your house value. Unleash your creativity on this one.

You may earn Simoleans and Social points to purchase things you need while playing this game. Actions like writing, music, catering, gardening or rummaging in the trashcan (?!) can earn you experience points, Simoleans and Ingredients that could help you further into the game. There are achievements you can attempt to help you earn more Simoleans and points, just click on any of the 3 boxes on the left of your screen, they will tell you what you need to do.

The 'social' aspect of the game is the opportunity to send gifts and ingredients to your friends which they can use in the game. You may also help or ask for help in various stages, such as building your house, building a furniture, asking for Ingredient...

Well, that's briefly what the game is all about, I don't want to further ruin this game for you. So I'll leave you to discover the rest as they come. If you find that you need more help in this, sign yourself into this forum here.

Remember to Like The Sim's Social Facebook page here.

Free stuff

Why? Because occasionally, you might get free stuff from their posts, such as the Barbecue grill and the Keyboard like above. Money saved, is money earned (this is Kiasu mentality)

If you're still hungering for more details, watch this video here.

Now, armed with these knowledge, you may venture into the not-so-foreign adventure.Have fun!

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