Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Upper Star, Damai

Me and a whole bunch of colleagues went for lunch at Upperstar, Damai. It's bloody difficult to get a parking space in that area during peak hours. We go for the set lunch there which comes with a free drink of Ice Lemon Tea or soft drink.
My idea of a good weather. Cloudy and raining

Ice Lemon Tea

Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken (if not mistaken)

My Spaghetti

Fish burger?

I forgotten what is this, but it looks very tempting doesn't it, so many different things included

Chicken Rice

Butter Chicken Rice

Curry Chicken Rice
The food are rather good, and pricing is affordable. It would be a great place to meet your friends without worrying about your wallet. Do try their Chocolate cake (not pictured), it's simply divine, even the Cheese cake and Tiramisu paled in comparison (they were still rather nice-lah, just not as nice as the Chocolate). 

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