Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Conversation overheard

(Was rather tired today, hoping to get an early night rest, I shall post something simple, True story, all of it)

I've asked my sister, the chef, to cook me some instant noodles (her instant noodles are really good, no idea why is that)
Me: Let's have some noodles later.
Sis: There are no more eggs (eggs are always preferable in noodles)
Me: We just got some
Sis: Oh, have we gotten new ones.
Me: Of course they're new, have you ever seen 2nd hand ones?

That is the refined version, here's the rough translated version:
Me: Eh, cook noodles later, leh.
Sis: No more eggs lah.
Me: Already buy lor.
Sis: Bought new ones already?
Me: Of course new ones lah, eggs got 2nd hand one meh?


After coming back from supermarket, my mom spotted on one of the boxes, something with the word FREE on it.
Mom: What is free that comes with that box? Why didn't we go and claim it?
Me: (examine the box closely) It says, Cholesterol Free.

My dad was a mechanic, one of his colleagues ask him to take a look at his car, cause he seems to have problems while stepping on the peddles.
Him: Can you check my car for me, the peddles seemed stuck.
(Dad took his car for a spin around the car park, after a while, he did some adjustments)
Dad: There, I've done some adjustments for you.
Him: Whoa, that was quick, what did you adjust?
Dad: Your carpet.

Mom was telling Dad about the change of cat food brand for our cats.
Dad: Wonder if they taste good? (out of his concern for our cat's palette)

I remembered putting a new can of Shandy in the fridge, but the next day, it was gone. So I asked my brother:
Me: Ah Boy, did you drink my Shandy?
Bro: It wasn't me-lah. Meow Meow (the cats) did it.
Me: (thinking, who are you trying to kid here?)

That's it for today, I'm beat. Good night, ya'll.

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