Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Kedai Kopi Laksa dan Makanan

I mentioned previously about my desperate search for good Ban Mien after my favorite Ban Mien stall in Wisma Merdeka moved away. I managed to find a good replacement in Kedai Kopi Laksa dan Makanan in Inanam. Their laksa were their specialty, but their Ban Mien is super awesome as well, don't play play. Too bad they don't open on Sundays, but they do open in Public Holidays sometimes.

If the stall at Wisma never move away, I would probably never discover this place, yeah, I'm a creature of habit, I like to go to the same few places. Now that I'm writing a blog, I hope it will make me move out of my comfort zone and become a lot more adventurous in my quest of trying new places.

Kedai Kopi Laksa offered their noodles in different sizes- S, M, L, XL bowls for people of different stomach sizes. The Ban Mien soup base was made by boiling several whole chicken for a few hours, it's really good. I would drain my bowl dry every time after finishing up the noodles. The Laksa taste good with a hint of coconut milk in the soup.

Laksa with Shredded Chicken, Taugeh and Taufu Pok

Ban Mien

Love it
Try it and tell me if that is not one of the best things you've tasted.

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