Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Blue Ocean Seafood Restaurant at Inanam. We went there a few times before, too bad this time its just past Hari Raya Celebration, nobody was catching fish or other sea critters that time. Every seafood restaurant up to Sandakan does not serve crabs or clams, even the types of fishes were limited. Nevertheless, dinner that night is still great with the few dishes their friendly boss recommended.

There were no regrets ordering the Zhao Pai Tofu, deep fried tofu topped with minced chicken and a type of preserved vegetable from a can, its really good with rice.The Soon Hock is very tasty steamed, I always love the sauce that comes with it, I would drizzle them over my rice. Vegetables are passable and the prawns were   large and taste really sweet.

Hopefully next time we return, we could try the oysters, clams and perhaps crabs. I'm very fond of Hao Jien (Oyster omelet)

Those stray cat walking around are very friendly as well, they are not at all afraid of humans. Some of them liked to rub themselves against people's legs, no doubt they get many scraps from the tables, we couldn't resist throwing them bits of leftovers. I forgetfully left my camera lens cap here, luckily I'm able to get it back after turning around midway, didn't know why I'm so careless those few days, I kept dropping things and didn't realize it.
My recent obsession, better than drinking cola all the time, right?

Never neglect the rice


Steamed Soon Hock

Vegetables with salted egg

Prawns in dark soy sauce
One of the few stray cats that dominate that place.

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